Setting professional goals can help provide a road map to your future — and motivate you to take actions to reach those goals.

Then, with each measurable goal you achieve, you’ll further expand your skill set and create even more opportunities for advancement.

Ready to reassess your career path and set new goals for yourself? Check out these ideas for some inspiration.

1. Learn a new skill. Continuing education courses, webinars, and certificate programs are all options and can be designed to accommodate your work schedule. Even brushing up on the latest technology can improve your performance. Consider your strengths and weaknesses, and begin filling in the blanks to further advance your career.

2. Become a leader. Sign up for leadership courses online or volunteer to lead teams and projects in the office. Assuming more responsibility will help you gain experience and add to your colleagues’ or community’s confidence in you. Then, when a new leadership role arises, you may be a prime candidate.

3. Expand and improve your professional network. Interacting with like-minded professionals can help you learn new things and stay current on industry trends.

Make it a point to attend professional networking conferences and join relevant groups online. It’s often who you know that opens the doors of opportunity. Plus, networking is a great way to develop mutually beneficial referral partnerships.

4. Focus on growth. Be proactive in the pursuit of career growth. Assess your current qualifications, identify the next step toward advancement, and put your best foot forward. A new path forward could offer better income and career satisfaction.

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