Video Marketing That Goes Down the Funnel, Not Down the Drain

No marketer is going to be surprised by the power of video. Video brings personality, authenticity, warmth, layered information, and immediacy that text and still images can’t match. No wonder 72% of enterprises use video for marketing, according to Kaltura’s The State of Video in the Enterprise 2016 survey (email required).

But just because we marketers know we need video doesn’t mean that we’re using it to its full potential

Are you taking advantage of the power of video at every stage of the marketing funnel? If not, you’re leaving conversions on the table.

Before You Get Started

You can, and should, incorporate video as a full-fledged data type and channel within your marketing flow—at every stage of the marketing funnel. Integrate video into your marketing automation system so you can track your video analytics and get proper insight from your video marketing. Score leads based on their interaction with your videos, measure how long they are watching and how they are engaging with the content, and provide this valuable data to the sales team.