RE/MAX = REsults MAXimized

Think of making money in Real Estate as a multiplication based math equation. You simply can’t make any real money if you only sell one home per year! Also you may need to spend money (in many cases you don’t have) to grow your business! Remember the famous comment “it takes money to make money?”

Most agents are doing poverty math that will never allow them to prosper in Real Estate

This “Catch 22 Scenario” (You need money to make money) is the reason most agents can’t make any real money! Most agents concentrate on what percentage of the commissions they are going to get vs. how many leads they are going to receive, convert and close!  This why 99% of agents without the lead, tools, training, expert coaching and support staff simply run out of money before they ever prosper! Check out the Leads tab on this website to learn exactly what you will get from RE/MAX Cornerstone as a team member. Start doing Prosperity Math and win with our leads, tools, training, expert coaching and support staff!

We show you is how to prosper in Real Estate in your first 60 days with us

I’m sure your current broker doesn’t want you to know how much more you would make at RE/MAX Cornerstone. It’s one thing to say that you’ll make more money at RE/MAX Cornerstone, it’s another thing to prove it. Fill out the information below and get a free, confidential, personal report that details your EXACT Net Advantage!

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