Spring cleaning. It’s an activity some people love, and the rest of us merely endure. But no matter which category you fall into, being purposeful about your actions can help you make smart decisions, especially if you’re looking to sell your home soon.

“Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity for home owners to de-clutter and organize their home,” said Keller Williams. “It is an especially important task for home owners who currently have their home listed or plan to list in the near future. Taking the time to spruce up the home can help increase value and make a good impression on potential buyers”.

Clean out your closets – What’s one thing everyone always wants more of: closet space! Buyers will open every door and look through every closet to assess whether or not their stuff will comfortably fit inside. Pack up your out-of-season stuff to make it look more airy, and not only will you impress buyers, but you’ll get a jumpstart on your packing.

Clean out your kitchen cabinets

They’ll go through these too, and if there’s clutter or anything looks sloppy, poorly organized, or out of place, it may give them pause. You don’t want a buyer questioning whether the house is in good shape because your dishes were mismatched or you had too many junk drawers.

Clean out your garage

You’re moving anyway, so you might as well get the garage nice and tidy now. The impression you make here could make a difference in getting a sale or staying on the market.

Spruce up your front yard

“Prepare the lawn and trees: It’s time to bring out the lawn mower and plant nice flowers for a better curb appeal,” said Keller Williams. While you’re at it, lay down a fresh layer of mulch, which gives the yard a “done,” well-cared-for look, and make sure your door, doormat, and front windows are clean and inviting. Nothing is more important than the first impression your home makes. If the front yard and exterior look shabby, potential buyers may not even venture inside.

Get your yard in order

Outdoor living is more important than ever, and buyers are looking for a space where they can envision themselves relaxing and entertaining. Making a small investment in a patio set, outdoor rug, and firepit can yield big rewards.

Concentrate on the kitchen and bathrooms

Even if you’re not making updates, you can make these key spaces look brand-new with a good scrubbing. Use stainless steel cleaner to make your appliances shine and remove all fingerprints. For bath fixtures, “Simply add a squirt of a mild soap to a bowl of warm water,” said The Pink Plumber. “Use a soft cloth or nonabrasive sponge and clean the fixtures well, rinsing with warm water. Use an old, soft toothbrush to clean any crevices that are hard to get to with the cloth or sponge. Rinse the fixtures well with warm water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.”

Steam clean the carpets

Dirty, dingy, or smelly carpets are a real turnoff. You may not notice they’ve lost their luster because you’re seeing them every day, but they won’t likely get past a potential buyer. A good cleaning can make them look new and smell fresh.
“Old grime, pet dander, settled moisture, and other particles can all serve to not just make your carpet dirty but also to weigh it down and cause the fibers to stick to each other,” said Kaufman Realty & Auctions. “When you’re done and the carpet dries, it will be softer and fluffier than ever.