RE/MAX CORNERSTONE is Creating A Culture of Success Through Professional Training & Coaching

Our Mission is to create the best environment where you can thrive and reach new levels in your career. Where you can learn the skills you need to improve your production, so you can stay up to date and become the best agent for your clients.

Career Development is number one to our agents success:
RE/MAX CORNERSTONE is committed to creating an environment for experienced as well as new agents to learn on the job! If you’re an experienced agent; we won’t let you simply run out of new ideas and plateau! If you’re a new agent; we don’t expect you produce on your own with little training or supervision!

We understand what our agents need to learn:
As one of our agents you need to have more than just good people skills. A successful career as a real estate agent involves developing long-term relationships with clients and becoming the go-to authority for all things related to real estate.
From getting clients, to working through all the parts of a sale, understanding finance, construction, contracts, market conditions and how to operate with the highest levels of professionalism in an ever­-changing market, learning must be an ongoing process.

The benefits of inspirational learning:

We believe that creating an inspirational learning environment really pays off. We have repeatedly seen that highly skilled agents bring the best to their clients, gain repeat business and referrals and cleaner deals. An environment of leader ­inspired learning encourages loyalty, improves retention and results in more engaged agents. Consider how these benefits could impact your business.

How we create a culture of inspirational learning:

We have 4 distinct steps to assist you in a culture of inspirational learning!  Business training is more than a few letters on a business card or a course at the association. Through our inspirational learning, you will develop a mindset where you seek to improve, using our professional training and coaching while you employ the skills  you need as you learn to prosper in business and lead a satisfying professional life.

STEP 1 - We value lifelong learning as part of your business culture.

Don’t treat learning as an obligatory event to be scheduled. Provide access to training that can be an everyday resource, offering opportunities to learn new ways to approach situations, gain clients and build businesses.

STEP 2 - We celebrate a path to excellence.

Excellence requires understanding, clarity and focus. Be proud when your agents do the absolute best for their clients, and bring a sense of confidence to each tough transaction with the knowledge that they are equipped to handle it.

STEP 3 - We make learning easily accessible.

Empower agents to find what they need on their own schedule. On-demand instruction lets learners find their own answers right when they need them. Agents prefer short bursts of information when they have time to relax and the right mindset to absorb it.

STEP 4 - We take interest, praise and share.

Check in with your agent learners. Find out what they are learning, how they apply it and if they think others may benefit. Hold up their successes for others to see, and privately express your pride in a job well done.



• Basic Principles of Negotiation
• Creating a Real Estate Agent Business Plan
• Developing Your Professional Real
• Estate Agent Image
• Are You Ready to Start a Real Estate Team? How to Generate Leads with Open Houses
• Using Facebook Ads for Real Estate
• How to Create the Most Effective Client
• Communications Plan
• Yelp for Your Real Estate Business
• How to Overcome the Commission Objection How to Handle a Bad Appraisal
• The Tech You Need to Manage a Team
• Advertising Rules Agents Need to Know
• Learning Your Real Estate Market
• Negotiating House Price for a Buyer in a Buyer’s Market
• How to Determine Your Ad Budget
• How to Handle Multiple Offers for Your Sellers Converting Real Estate Leads
• Home Inspection and Home Appraisal
• Real Estate Referrals

About our learning system:

Regardless of your experience level you will grow as you watch condensed (usually under 10 minutes) video courses that show best practices for every situation. From core skills to high-level negotiations and everything in between. Our training helps you become a top producer with increased earnings and a plan for continued growth.